Mark Cipra ...

King Lear

as Lear

photo credit: Sandham

"... anchors the production with a portrayal of Lear that movingly condenses from erratic, blustering tyrant to tearful child, wounded by his own actions and yearningly in need of the love he undervalued.” (Carolyn Jack, Cleveland Plain Dealer)

“The potent cast is led by Mark Cipra, who nails the royal gravitas as well as the sense of mad foolishness.” (Christine Howey, Scene Magazine);

“Longtime versatile character actor Mark Cipra is blessedly intelligible  and emotionally forthcoming as Lear." (James Damico, Cleveland Free Times)

Death of a Salesman

"... is a master craftsman and an absolute pleasure to watch." (Bob Ableman, News-Herald)

"... fully embodies his slowly collapsing character, slipping easily from delight to rage with his sons, with his wife, and a frustrating inability to deal with the world in general. This is a fiendishly difficult role and Cipra crafts a Willy that is true to Miller’s intent." (Christine Howey, Scene Magazine)

"... makes Willy’s mental deterioration almost painful to watch at times. At once explosive and angry, weary and depressed, Cipra captures the psychology of someone in physical and emotional meltdown, struggling to hold on while he deteriorates mentally and contemplates suicide." (Fran Heller, Cleveland Jewish News)

To Kill a Mockingbird


Mark Cipra

photo credit: Sandham

with Roberto Elliott Hooper as Tom Robinson

“... as Atticus Finch, the defender of lost and just causes, is perfect. The integrity and inner strength Cipra gives his character is palpable and energizes the entire production.” (Bob Ableman, News-Herald)

"... is excellent as the reserved and compassionate Atticus Finch." (Fran Heller, Cleveland Jewish News)

"Director Martin Friedman has cast this show exceptionally, with Mark Cipra creating a credible, understated Atticus." (Christine Howey, Scene Magazine)

Osama the Hero

“... delivers a powerhouse of a performance ... it's a terrific piece of acting.” (Fran Heller, Cleveland Jewish News)

"... deftly turns the play, changing character as easily as he changes his shoes." (Jean Seitter Cummins, Cleveland Free Times)

"... brings a creepy comic tinge to his horny middle-aged suburban guy." (Linda Eisenstein, Cool Cleveland)

Mark Cipra

photo credit: Sandham

"Of course, this show features the considerable talents of Mark Cipra as Scrooge.  He has a commanding stage presence and masterfully captures the essence of his character, from despicable grouch to born-again humanitarian, and is charming and interesting at every moment." (Bob Abelman, Chagrin Valley Times)

Dividing the Estate

"... oozes unctuousness as Bob." (Christine Howey, Scene Magazine)


"... as the wise and kindly nobleman, Menenius, demonstrates the stage presence, physical inventiveness and affectingly nuanced range of feeling that well-done Shakespeare demands." (Carolyn Jack, Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Big River
Mark Cipra

photo credit: Sandham

"Mark Cipra's hysterical performance as Huck's dead-beat drunken 'pap' singing 'Dad-gum Gov-ment' alone was worth the price of admission." (Mary Faktor, online review)


"... as Robert, the math genius, has way too little time on stage.  It is with his appearance that this production really takes off.  Cipra's performance is finely crafted and completely heartfelt.  The relationship of father and daughter that Cipra and Diane Mull create under Fred Sternfeld's direction is as fine and intricate as a spider's web." (Janet Shank, online review)

"... displays a full range of emotion and subtlety, making you see the anguish that occupies his thoughts as he has good days and bad ones. He totally commands the stage in these scenes." (Kathy Ferjutz, Times Newspapers)

Peter Pan
Mark Cipra

photo credit: Unk

"Especially noteworthy is Mark Cipra as Captain Hook. He and his right-hand man Smee obviously had a devilishly good time acting out some of the children's most feared characters.  Filled with slapstick, their scenes were incredibly amusing." (Emily Yahr, Cleveland Jewish News)

"The production features a scenery-chewing Captain Hook (Mark Cipra who is also, of course, Mr. Darling)." (Christine Howey, Scene Magazine)

Diary of Ann Frank

“In the role of the socially awkward dentist who shares Anne's room, Mark Cipra is a sweaty and fidgety ball of contradictions, by turns obsequious and obnoxious." (Christine Howey, Scene Magazine)

Voice of Good Hope

"... is slick as Democratic bigwig Robert Strauss." (James Damico, Cleveland Plain Dealer)


Mark Cipra

photo credit: Unk

"... sparkles as the flamboyant interior designer Sterling."  (Fran Heller, Cleveland Jewish News)

"Sterling is played with fey precision by Mark Cipra."  (Christine Howey, Scene Magazine)

The Trip to Bountiful

"... is totally engaging as the controlled and conflicted Ludie.  As one audience member mumbled, 'I'd like to knock Ludie on the head and knock some sense into him.'  No finer compliment could be given an actor." (Roy Berko, Times Newspapers)

"Caught between these two women is Ludie - given a softly exhausted melancholy by Mark Cipra - a man who knows all too well who he is and where he belongs." (Christine Howey, Scene Magazine)

Romeo and Juliet

“... offers a robust turn as the boozily sociable but short-tempered Capulet.” (Christine Howey, Scene Magazine)

Love's Labour's Lost

"... brings a generous warmth to the Princess' envoy Boyet." (Linda Eisenstein, Cleveland Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Holiday Hotline

"Giving us a Jackie Gleason-type wiseacre is Mark Cipra in roles ranging from Karl Marx to Kevin the Kwanzaa Moose." (Keith Joseph, Cleveland Free Times)

Born Yesterday

“... sweats and rails and storms and frets as Harry Brock, the shady ‘waste management’ magnate.” (Tony Brown, Cleveland Plain Dealer)

"... captures the casually brutal dominance of street-smart Brock ..." (Christine Howey, Scene Magazine)

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